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Mobile Application Development Bank Details Mobile Apps to be on Google Play and iOS devices by 2021

Mobile Apps to be on Google Play and iOS devices by 2021

Google has released a roadmap of the company’s next generation mobile apps, which include a version of its mobile app that is expected to be available on Google’s Google Play Store in 2021.

The company said the new app, which is called the Android Mobile App, will “be a fully integrated part of Google Play” and is expected for an October launch.

The roadmap shows that Google’s mobile apps will eventually be a part of the Google Play store, along with its YouTube app and its Google Maps app.

It’s unclear when Google will introduce the Android app to the Play Store.

Google’s Android mobile app will be available for Android phones, but will be compatible with any device running Google’s Android operating system.

It will be the first time that a Google mobile app is being made available on a platform other than the Play store.

Google is now in the process of making its Android mobile apps available on Apple’s iOS platform.

Google said the Android mobile application will be developed using the Google Cast SDK, a set of APIs that enable developers to build a variety of new applications for Google’s voice-powered devices, including smartwatches, smart TVs and mobile phones.

Google has already announced plans to make its Android apps available for Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.

Google released its first Android mobile applications in 2015, and has since released a number of other Android apps.

The company also recently announced it will launch its own version of Android for iPhones in 2021, which will be a direct competitor to the iPhone and iPad.

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