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Mobile Application Development Business Plan How to make Instagram look like a Snapchat app

How to make Instagram look like a Snapchat app

The social network is already working with brands and influencers to create new looks and look like they have been used before.

Now Instagram is also rolling out a new app called Snap.

It has an interface similar to Snapchat’s, but it’s meant to help users snap a photo and send it to friends who are already using the app.

Snapchat has also made the app available on Android.

Instagram also has a Snapchat Discover feature that allows users to view a photo from the app before it is sent to a friend.

The company says it is also working on making Snapchat even more popular with advertisers, adding that it will continue to add new features and ads on the app until 2019.

Instagram is currently the most popular photo-sharing app on the internet.

Facebook is still the biggest in the market, but Snap has a lot more users than Facebook.

Instagram has over 5 million monthly active users, according to its data.

Snapchat, which is owned by Facebook for $19 billion, is still growing.

Instagram’s app is also becoming more popular because it’s faster to use than other apps, said Ryan Smith, a media analyst at Ovum.

But for Instagram to become a social media juggernaut it needs to offer a consistent product that is useful and that can be shared across multiple platforms, he said.

Instagram doesn’t have a clear strategy for how it wants to monetise Snapchat, Smith said.

The social networking giant doesn’t plan to monetize the app, but Smith said it has no plans to sell its Snapchat shares.

“Snapchat doesn’t sell anything,” Smith said, but “they have a pretty robust marketing program”.

Smith said that Snap’s monetization model will depend on how many users it can get.

“If it’s only a handful of people using it, they’re not going to have much of an impact,” Smith added.

Instagram plans to roll out a Snapchat-like feature in its app on iOS and Android, with more functionality coming soon, said Smith.

The app also allows users access to Instagram’s mobile messaging and sharing app.

“It’s not just for Instagram, it’s for Facebook too,” said Smith, adding: “SnapChat is a social network for everyone and we’re trying to be a platform for everybody.”

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