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Mobile Application Development Business Plan How to get into the US presidential election

How to get into the US presidential election

The Republican Party’s presidential nomination battle is coming to Iowa, where voters will vote Tuesday for the first time in their lives.

But the process could go much, much further than the polls indicate.

Here are five things to know about the contest.1.

The contest is in Iowa, not New Hampshire or South Carolina.

The Democratic nomination is contested in New Hampshire, while the Republican nomination is in South Carolina, home to the state’s primary, and Iowa, home of the caucuses.2.

Democrats have a solid lead in the state.

The party has an advantage in delegates, the number of votes that a candidate needs to win the nomination.

That means that while Trump is ahead in delegates at roughly 20 percent, he’s ahead of Sanders at nearly 35 percent.

Sanders is ahead of Clinton in the delegate count.3.

The race for the nomination is so close that the candidates are even competing for a spot on the floor of the convention.

It would take a huge upset to deny Trump the nomination and potentially open the way for Clinton to clinch the nomination before the convention in July.4.

Bernie Sanders is in the race for president.

He is the candidate who won the Iowa caucuses in 2016 and is making a bid to become the party’s presidential nominee.

Sanders has raised more money than any other candidate and has more than $1 billion in cash on hand.

He has built up a formidable network of supporters, including the popular Vermont senator from the state, Elizabeth Warren, who is in a race with Sanders for the Democratic nomination.5.

It’s not a contest between Clinton and Trump.

Sanders has won the endorsement of the National Nurses United, which represents nurses across the country.

But unlike the union that endorsed Clinton in 2016, the nurses who endorsed Sanders in 2016 are backing him for president again this time.

Clinton is running on the progressive platform of universal health care, paid family leave and a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

She has a record of championing progressive causes.

Sanders supports a $12-an-$15-per-hour national minimum wage, and he has been a staunch critic of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he argues would hurt American workers.

Sanders is also a supporter of the minimum wage increase that President Barack Obama pushed through Congress.

The president’s proposal would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, with the state of California already doing so.

Trump has previously called for a higher minimum wage in the U.S., and has criticized unions that have raised their pay since the beginning of the year.6.

The two campaigns have been locked in a nasty fight for months.

Sanders won the primary on Tuesday after the senator defeated Clinton in a contentious primary, which pitted Clinton supporters against Sanders supporters who felt cheated out of the nomination fight.

The fight has become increasingly personal and personal for both sides.7.

The first presidential debate will be held on Monday, Oct. 9.

The candidates will answer questions from the American people and have a chance to get their message across.

Trump, who has been plagued by controversy in recent weeks, has not yet released his debate performance.8.

Bernie is the underdog in the Democratic race.

He’s the candidate with the best chance to win.

The New York senator is in second place in Iowa polls, and has a solid base of support in the Granite State.

But Sanders has amassed a huge amount of money and a huge following in the Hawkeye State.

His campaign is also taking advantage of the state to launch an aggressive fundraising effort to raise money.

Sanders raised $25 million in the first quarter of this year.

He plans to hit $50 million by the end of this month.

The Sanders campaign has also raised more than a half-billion dollars.9.

The Republicans have a better candidate than the Democrats.

Donald Trump is an establishment candidate, with deep pockets and a strong organization.

He also has a history of inflammatory remarks about Latinos and women.

But Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are far more diverse and articulate, which gives them a stronger base of supporters and gives them an advantage over Democrats.

Trump is also backed by former President George W. Bush.10.

Donald and Melania Trump are running on a different ticket.

The First Lady is running as a progressive and a businesswoman who will tackle inequality, including creating a federal job training program for young women.

Her campaign also includes a push for comprehensive immigration reform.

The candidates are also running on contrasting visions for the country and the future.

While Trump believes in a return to the days of slavery and oppression, his wife is more hopeful about the future of America.

She believes that our country is a nation of immigrants and wants to make sure that all Americans have the opportunity to live and work in the country they call home.

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