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Mobile Application Development Payment Voucher Why is 2GO in talks to launch a new mobile application store?

Why is 2GO in talks to launch a new mobile application store?

The future of the mobile app store is set to be a hot topic in the UK.

According to a report in the Times of India, the company is exploring the possibility of a new app store.

The report also suggests that 2GO is looking to build a mobile application development platform, where developers could develop apps for the platform.

It also suggested that 2Go is in talks with several other startups.

The 2GO team, the Times article said, had been discussing plans for a new application store for a while, with a new service and brand being the focus of the talks.

However, the report added, the plans were not finalised and it was “too early to speculate”.

The company has also been exploring the idea of selling its apps on the Play Store, but it has not announced any plans to do so yet.

The company’s business is based on a number of different platforms.

It has a mobile app that is used by more than 100 million users across multiple platforms.

Its mobile app is used in more than 70% of all the devices on the planet, and its mobile application is used to sell products from Amazon, Walmart and others.

2GO has also built a mobile operating system that is currently being used by nearly 50% of the world’s smartphones, with about 80% of that market being in the US. 2Go also operates a mobile gaming platform, 2GO Gameworks, that has over 15 million active users.

A new app is not the only thing 2GO may be working on.

The company is also reportedly in talks about the launch of a second mobile platform that will allow people to stream their own music and videos.

According to the Times, the app is “expected to be available this year”.

A second platform is also expected to be launched this year, with the aim of allowing people to share videos and music from their devices with others.

The Times report also suggested there was “a lot of excitement” around the development of 2GO’s new app, but “no concrete plans yet”.

2GO was acquired by Apple in 2016, and the company’s current focus is to focus on its mobile platform.

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