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How Apple’s iPhone X works in a video

The iPhone X is the iPhone XS, and the phone’s biggest selling point is its display.

But Apple is also releasing an OLED version of the phone with OLED screen that’s even thinner and lighter than the display on the iPhone 8.

This new OLED screen has an “extraordinary amount of brightness,” according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal’s report comes as Apple looks to improve its OLED technology for future iPhones.

The company unveiled the OLED screen for the iPhone 10 last month.

Apple is using OLED technology to make its OLED iPhone 9 Plus thinner, lighter and more affordable, according to the Journal’s reports.

The OLED screen is made from an “anti-reflective polymer coating that is thicker than any existing screen on the market,” according the report.

Apple isn’t selling the OLED version as a new phone, according the Wall Street J. The iPhone 10 OLED screen, which costs $1,999, is only available in the U.S.

A new OLED iPhone screen will only cost $1.99 when it launches in the coming weeks, according Apple.

That price includes a $10-per-month contract to get the screen in its various colors, but Apple is promising “a lot more colors” when it rolls out the OLED iPhone 10.

The new OLED iPhones display has an additional “extra-low-light performance” that allows the phone to be used in low-light environments, according The Wall St Journal.

Apple will also offer the new OLED screens in several other colors.

The Wall Journal reports that the iPhone OLED display has the same brightness as the iPhone 7 OLED display.

It’s the same amount of power as the new iPhone 7 Plus.

The price of the new Apple OLED iPhone 7s screen is still unclear.

Apple has said that the new iPhones will be “more powerful, more beautiful, and more responsive” than the older iPhones.

“We want the iPhone to feel good every time you hold it,” Steve Jobs told CNBC in 2015.

“You can use it with the same apps, the same videos, the exact same games, the very same photos, and that’s great.

And that’s why we’re making it more powerful, better, and better every time.

We’re not just making a better iPhone, we’re not making a great iPhone.

We have a very unique and powerful phone.

And we are going to continue to build it that way.”

The new OLED phones also have better battery life.

The average smartphone battery life is about 15 hours, according research firm iFixit.

“The OLED screen provides Apple with a much better battery-life advantage compared to LCDs, with higher battery life and lower average battery drain than LCDs,” iFixi said in a report.

“This translates to a significant improvement in battery life that has never been seen before.”

The iPhone OLED screen also has a better contrast ratio.

It has a “better contrast ratio, which gives the iPhone an edge in some color spaces,” according The Journal.

It also has better color accuracy, with a color gamut that “focuses on more saturated colors,” according iFix.

“By combining OLED with LCD, Apple is providing consumers with a more vibrant and colorful display that can last longer,” the Journal said.

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