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Mobile Application Development Payment Voucher How to install an app on an iOS device without needing an app license

How to install an app on an iOS device without needing an app license

Posted October 11, 2018 09:07:54 The iOS version of the new Apple Maps app on the iPhone and iPad is now compatible with a new Android app, which allows users to share a map view with others without needing a license.

The new app, available in the Google Play Store, will allow users to view their current location using a virtual globe, which is a map with many points that are drawn based on a user’s current location.

The app works by making a virtual map of the area, based on the location of users.

Users can choose from a number of locations to view, as well as their current geographic location.

Users can also zoom in and out, and zoom in for more details about the location.

When zoomed in, users can also choose to zoom in to a specific area.

The iPhone and Android versions of the app also now have a way to automatically turn off geo-fencing in areas with low traffic.

This feature was already available in iOS, but Google says that users will be able to turn it off by using the settings menu in the app.

The move is a major win for Google and Apple, who have been battling over whether the mapping apps they use should be open source.

Apple and Google have long battled over whether Google’s own Maps app should be made open source, a move that would allow the mapping company to offer updates to the mapping app on other platforms.

Google and Apple have long argued that it should be.

They argue that open source maps are an essential part of the company’s mission, and that the mapping community has contributed billions of dollars to the Google Maps app over the years.

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