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Mobile Application Development Business Plan A video of a Russian hacker going after a Russian TV network is causing a stir on social media

A video of a Russian hacker going after a Russian TV network is causing a stir on social media

A Russian hacker has posted a video on YouTube claiming to be a journalist from a state-run TV station and asking people to help identify him.

The video, titled “The Russian TV station in Moscow is under the control of the hacker”, says a man named Alexey Mikhalkov.

In the video, Mikhallov appears to have a beard and wears a mask.

It’s unclear if he is a member of the Russian security service GRU, the Federal Security Service, or the Federal Police.

The station is known as Channel One, which is the name of a state TV channel in Russia.

In an earlier video, the hacker appears to be carrying a backpack and a camera, and asks people to search for his name.

“We have an important message for you.

It is a video from the Russian TV channel.

Please find it.

Do not forget it,” he says in the video.

A person who identified himself as a reporter for Russian news channel RT appears to see the video and replies that he’s trying to help the hacker.

“I’m doing it for you, Alexey.

I’m just a reporter,” the reporter said in the first video.

“Do not forget to identify the hacker.”

The Russian Investigative Committee has launched an investigation into the video as well as other cyberattacks against the Russian media.RT’s English-language channel, RT America, is owned by Russia’s state-owned television company.

The network is known for its hard-hitting reporting on corruption and political issues.

It’s not clear whether the hacker is the same person who posted the original video.

It may be a troll posting the video to make the channel appear more credible.

A screenshot from the original version of the video posted on YouTube.

Image via YouTube

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